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INT Softboards

Single Fin

Single Fin

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We teamed up with Prefect Storm Fins to bring you the best single fin option for your softboard! Give your old board a new life, or order one with your new board and get your toes to the nose!

Any of the Slick Bottom INT Classics or the Yacht can be up-fitted with this single fin. 

Installation Instructions 

1) Line up the back two posts with the original fin holes from your middle fin.

2) Mark where the third post will be on the bottom of the board. 

3) Carefully drill a 3/8" hole straight through the board

4) Insert the fin into the bottom of the board, flip over the board and push a washer into each hole on the deck. 

5) Screw in each of the 3 screws until they are tight and the base of the fin is tight against the bottom of the board.

*Don't feel comfortable installing the fin yourself? Send us an email and we will set up an appointment for you to come by our Oceanside, CA factory and we will install it for you!*

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