How To: Install Your INT Fins

How To: Install Your INT Fins

So you’ve got your new INT and are ready to shred—all that’s left is to put the fins on! Don’t stress, it’s a fairly simple process. See below for a step by step instructional on installing fins on your INT soft top.


Step 1

Clean fin holes on board of any debris. There usually isn’t but it’s good to check.

Step 2

Clean any debris on the fin opening (female). You don’t want any of the plastic fragments getting in the way of the screw.

Step 3

Insert screw into fin by hand. Just to get the connection set—a couple small turns and your good. Remove screw.

Step 4

Place fins and screw into the holes. Fins go on the bottom, screws and washer on the deck. Place the board on a flat, hard surface. Gravity is your friend here.

Step 5

Using a screwdriver or screw gun (which works best), get the screw into the plastic fin. Make sure the screw is going straight down and into the hole. You shouldn’t have to push very hard. If the screw isn’t going in straight, remove it and repeat steps 2 and 3.

Step 6

Screw the fin in to the point where the washer is just below the surface of the deck. Not flush with the deck, but just below it.

Step 7

Go Shred!

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