Made in the USA using 100% recyclable foam blanks and bio-based epoxy resin

Wegener X INT Bluegill Slick bottom Surfboard

Our latest signature collaboration, the Wegener x INT Bluegill is an offshoot of an alaia, a finless wooden surfboard that dates back to pre-20th century Hawai’i. Traditionally thin and made of solid wood, the alaia lacked buoyancy but made up for it in speed and its unique, finless glide across the face of a wave. John Wegener and his brother, Tom, began experimenting with the shape in 2005, creating a renaissance movement for the historic craft that carries on today.

Built in our unique hybrid construction using bamboo stringers, eco-epoxy resins and fiberglass, the Wegener x INT Bluegill preserves much of the alaia’s characteristic float and flex. The combination of its outline, bottom contours and rail shape is designed to keep as much speed, slide and glide that the alaia offers with just a touch of forgiveness.


  • 100% recyclable Marko Foam iFoam core with dual bamboo stringers
  • Double 4oz fiberglass bottom with bio-based epoxy resin
  • Custom FCS-compatible fins available upon request

**Please allow 2-3 weeks for the production of any board currently shown as out of stock.

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