GoPro MS Plug

The smallest, lightest, lowest profile GoPro bodyboard / softboard mount made!

Specifically designed to fit any Bodyboard or Soft Board between 1,3/4” (45mm) & 3” (75mm) in thickness.

The single molded Cap and Screw are made from a high mechanical strength polyamide polymer for great durability.

This plug fits any GoPro Camera or extension accessory and is easy to install.

The plug has a small diameter minimizing damage to your board.

360 Pivot: The unique shape and contours under the MSProPlug cap add rotational resistance minimizing unwanted rotation of the camera yet depending on how tight you screw the plug in you can control rotational resistance; either lock the camera at a certain position or rotate the camera for a new perspective.

Just as easily, unattach the camera (and leash) from the mount to shoot off your board and then quickly reconnect it for the next great shot.

Sold Out

*GoPro not included.

Each and every INT board is proudly made and hand shaped in the USA. All of our boards have an iFoam core with dual stringers, making them extremely lightweight and durable and completely waterproof. GO BIG and GO FOAM!