Leashes are essential and highly recommended accessories that add safety and convenience to the entire surfing experience.

Surfboard leashes attach to a surfer's back foot (just above the ankle), allowing for quick retrieval of a surfboard after falling off / wiping out. This means you will never be without your surfboard or have to swim to retrieve it.

An unattended surfboard is the most dangerous object in the water. Wearing a leash will help avoid injuries to other surfers, swimmers, and waders who are trying to enjoy their time in the water.

Leashes can be attached to any INT Softboard.

  • 6 foot leashes fit the 4'10" Real Blackball Beater and 5'10" Fish
  • 8 foot leashes fit the 7'0" Fun Board, 8'0" Semi-Longboard, and 9'0" Longboard


Choose a style:

*All newly purchased INT boards do not include leashes.

Each and every INT board is proudly made and hand shaped in the USA. All of our boards have an iFoam core with dual stringers, making them extremely lightweight and durable and completely waterproof. GO BIG and GO FOAM!