Leggies. Leg Ropes. Kook Cords. No matter what you call 'em, there's a time and a place for one when you're surfing, and they add heaps of safety and convenience for novice to expert surfers alike. If you find yourself in a panicked pinch after pearling, just grab the leash attached to your ankle and reel theat flotation device that looks like a surfboard back on in. Don't feel like a swim into the beach every time you ditch? Slap that cuff on and conserve your energy for more high-energy shredding. Leashes are best worn around the ankle above the back foot, keeping it out of the way of your stance and maximizing your cross-stepping from nose to tail. 

  • We recommend our 6' leashes for all boards 7' and under.
  • We recommend our 8' leashes for all boards 8' and over.

**All newly purchased INT boards do not include leashes.

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