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8'0" Semi-Longboard

Summer is foamie season and like all good things, our hand-made surfboards take time.  Our current lead time for most boards is around 4-6 weeks, but feel free to contact us for the latest inventory updates.

A longboard without the length.

The Semi-Longboard is designed to feel just like a traditional longboard, but at 8'0", this board allows surfers the ability to ride almost any type of wave. This board paddles and catches waves like a longboard, but with one less foot of length, surfers will be able to drop into steeper waves and make sharper turns. The Semi-Longboard is an excellent board for the entire family... it's big enough for adults to learn on and the perfect size for experienced youngsters to surf like a traditional longboard.

Soft materials all around for the ultimate in safety and durability... perfect for beginners and crowded spots.

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  • Length: 8'0"
  • Width: 23.5"
  • Thickness: 3.14"
  • Weight: 14.5 lbs


  • Soft top, soft rails, soft bottom
  • Square tail
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Plastic fins included

Each and every INT board is proudly made and hand shaped in the USA. All of our boards have an iFoam core with dual stringers, making them extremely lightweight and durable and completely waterproof. GO BIG and GO FOAM!