Made in the USA using 100% recyclable foam blanks and bio-based epoxy resin

INT Wakesurf Hybrid softtop

Soft boards and boats go together like wine and cheese; no dings on either craft and incredible liquid-induced levels of fun to be had! Recently tested by Alliance Wake in their annual Wake Surfboard Test, “The Flow” earned two thumbs up and these rave reviews, "rips behind the boat and you can smash it into the back of the boat and not hurt anything. the INT performed like your favorite ripping board. It had great speed and was really playful rail to rail and had solid pop.”

Read a review on Alliance Wake.

Hybrid (glassed bottom) construction with glassed epoxy bottom and quad futures boxes.

Dimensions: 4’6/5’0 x 20.25 x 2.25

*Available early 2019

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