5'10" Fish

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You can't beat a fish when it comes to having fun in the ocean!

The Fish is designed to catch a ton of waves without sacrificing performance. It's a surfboard fit for nearly every age, size, skill level, wave type or condition. Whether you're a beginner with little or no experience, an intermediate surfer trying to figure out the fundamentals or an experienced surfer looking for fun on a Sunday afternoon, the Fish is the perfect all-around stick.


5'10" x 21" x 2.75" 41cL


Slick Bottom - INT Polyurethane Fins or Upgrade to Futures Fin Boxes 

Hybrid Epoxy Bottom - Futures Fin Boxes Standard

    *Futures Box Upgrade does not come with fins, fins sold separately* 

     **Hybrid models come standard with a resin swirl bottom that matches the deck color you choose, and Futures fin boxes**