Made in the USA using 100% recyclable foam blanks and bio-based epoxy resin

Hybrid Collection

Welcome to the INT Hybrid Collection.
Imagine you could have the performance and projection of a hard surfboard with the fun and forgiveness of a foam board. Well, we at INT are making dreams come true. Our proprietary Hybrid construction is a unique blend of everything you love about hard and soft surfboards. We hand shape in the rail, profile and bottom contours into our recyclable, closed cell foam blend, then glass the bottoms with bio-based epoxy resin and fiberglass. All boards are custom designed, shaped and glassed by hand in Carlsbad, California using recyclable and renewable materials, and are built with Futures fin boxes so you can tailor each board’s performance to your liking.
There you have it--a high-performance, forgiving, sustainable and durable surfboard made just for you in the good ol’ USofA by real life shapers and glassers from the best materials available. You’re Welcome. Enjoy!

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