They're Here! New INT Hybrid Surfboard Designs Pair Elevated Performance with Unpretentious Soft Top Fun

We're so excited we're gonna need to have the smiles surgically removed from our faces. 

We're proud to announce the launch of our brand new 2018 hybrid collection of surfboard designs in our proprietary hybrid construction featuring soft PE foam decks and hand shaped rails with hard fiberglass bottoms. All models, designed by Jason Koons (Super, Pyzel, Figures of Merit) and Todd McFarland (Channel Islands), are built using Marko Foam’s 100% recyclable iFoam blanks, bio-epoxy resins and sustainably harvested bamboo stringers.

It's hard not to be inspired by just about everything in Hawaii so we took ours from the local grinds. There's nothing better than ending a solid surf session with a traditional plate lunch so we named the four models in the collection after some staples: the Musubi, the Katsu, the Gravy and, of course, the Loco Moco. The collection ranges in lengths of five feet to nine feet and are built with a variety of Futures fin box set-ups so riders can experiment with different fin sizes and foils, or simply drop in a favorite set from their own quivers.

We debuted the collection at the Surfer Magazine + Surf Ride Camp Shred a couple of weeks ago at San Elijo Campgrounds in Cardiff, CA where they piqued the interest of every surfer there, from rabid surf-stoked grom to the most scrupulous adult. Every demo logged countless hours in the water with curious customers eager to try out the soft tops with their unique performance edge.

Take a look at the entire collection here and let us know what you think!