4'10" Real Black Ball Beater

Hard Bottom Surfboard

The original board that led the revolt and put surfers back in the blackball zone. Even though this board is fairly wide and catches waves easily, it's very quick and responsive, perfect for barreling wedges and quick beach breaks. With the fiberglass bottom, you can charge faster and boost higher. 

  • Weight: 5.5lbs
  • Width: 20"
  • Thickness: 2.75"


  • Dual Stringers
  • Future F4 Fins
  • Hand shaped rails
  • Proudly made in America


Sun's out. Orders are high. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery on these custom boards.

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    We proudly make all our boards right here in the USA, more specifically Carlsbad California. We use our patented iFoam core which is extremely durable, light weight and completely waterproof. Every board has a dual stringer system for added stiffness and durability. All fiberglass bottom boards are glassed in a unique fashion and no two are alike. All fiberglass bottom boards have future fin boxes installed and come with a set of Future F4 fins.